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FSP/EAP Team Roles and Responsibilities
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Duties & Responsibilities

Deputy FS/EAP Directors:
Will Wilkerson
Winslow Pakemon
Perry Bruno
Robert Conner


  • In the absence of the Fire Safety/EAP Director, perform the duties of the Fire Safety/ EAP Director, as circumstances warrant.
  • In the presence of the Fire Safety/EAP Director, assist the Fire Safety/EAP Director in carrying out the requirements of the plan, as circumstances warrant.

FS/EAP Warden:
Designated by your company. At least one warden is required for each floor and must be present during regular business hours for the floor.

  • Be familiar with the plan documents, including general sheltering in place, in-building relocation, partial evacuation and evacuation procedures, the exit and in-building relocation routes to be utilized for the floor, the location of in- building relocation areas and assembly areas and the means of communicating with the Fire Safety/EAP Director.
  • In the event of an emergency on the floor or immediately affecting building occupants on the floor, notify the Fire Safety/EAP Director and building occupants on the floor of the emergency, and initiate appropriate action.
  • In the event of an emergency not on the floor or not immediately affecting building occupants on the floor, establish communication with the Fire Safety/EAP Director and, if possible, await direction from the Fire Safety/EAP Director.
  • Keep the Fire Safety/EAP Director informed of his or her location and the progress of the implementation of the plan measures.
  • Confirm the in-building relocation or evacuation of the floor or portion thereof by directing Deputy Fire Safety/EAP Wardens and/or other EAP Staff designated as searchers to search all areas of the floor to be relocated or evacuated; to do so by visual inspection, not merely by the lack of a voice response; and to notify any remaining building occupants that they must immediately comply with the applicable plan procedures.
  • Determine whether the stairwells are safe to enter before directing building occupants to use them, and, if unsafe, notify the Fire Safety/EAP Director. Do not direct building occupants to use elevators unless and until the Fire Safety/EAP Director authorizes their use.
  • Perform such other duties as set forth in this plan documents, or as directed to do so by the Fire Safety/EAP Director.
  • Assist each employer with accounting for all floor employees (including visitors, suppliers and customers), during an in-building relocation and/or evacuation. A list of all occupants not accounted for including names and last known locations shall immediately be provided to the Fire Safety/EAP Director or official in charge.
  • Fire Safety/EAP Wardens on all floors not designated as a re-entry floor shall direct one person for each exit stair on their respective floor to proceed to that stair and open door when necessary to allow occupants from other floors to re-enter. (See Table 8).
  • Periodically review and be aware of any occupants on the floor requiring special assistance in an emergency situation and understand the nature of how to assist those individuals.

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