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Keys / Building IDs
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Terminated Employees

Please notify the Management Office immediately when an employee is terminated so that the keycard will be cancelled. Only the designated tenant representatives are authorized to make these requests. Initial notification may be made via phone at (212) 908-1160, but must be followed by written documentation either via email or on company letterhead. The communication should include the full name of the employee, the effective date of the termination, and if there will be any special circumstances that must be followed (example: terminated employee will be back to pick up belongings and must be escorted.) Please send notification email to Jennifer.Saltaformaggio@hines.com and Caity.Ferdinando@hines.com.

Forgotten ID'S

All individuals with an active ID keycard who have forgotten the ID will be required to register at the security desk in order to access the building. Upon verification of access permission, either by a look up in our security system or via contact with the designated tenant representative, verified employees will then be issued a visitor ID badge.

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