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FSP/EAP Team Roles and Responsibilities
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The team assembled for the building and on each floor is the backbone of an effective Fire Safety/EAP program. Make sure you know your team members and in the event of an emergency, follow their instructions. They have been trained to help you evacuate and it is imperative that you familiarize yourself with the team members on your floor. Twice each year training classes are held for all Floor Wardens, Deputy Floor Wardens and Searchers. By law, those persons designated as such must attend. Follow the instructions of your team members and they will assist you.


Duties & Responsibilities

Fire Safety / EAP Director:
Alfonzo Aguilara

  • On duty during regular building hours and fully familiar with the provisions of the plan documents.
  • Supervises/trains the FSP/EAP Staff, including conducting providing initial and refresher training.
  • Select qualified personnel for the Fire Safety/EAP Brigade; organize, train and supervise the Fire Safety/EAP Brigade; and be responsible for the state of readiness of the Fire Safety/EAP Brigade.
  • Responsible for daily check-in of Wardens and Deputy Wardens, or temporary assignments as necessary to ensure adequate Fire Safety/EAP staffing.
  • Immediately reports to 911 any emergency and any determination to implement the EAP.
  • In the event of an emergency in or affecting the building, report to the Fire Command Station or designated alternative location, and, if appropriate, implement the Emergency Action Plan in accordance with its terms and provisions, and notifying arriving response personnel and incident commander of the emergency and building response thereto.
  • Responsible for communicating information & directions to occupants in an emergency.
  • Conducts required Fire Safety and EAP Drills.
  • Ensure that the required notices are posted on the floors and that the required recordkeeping is maintained.
  • Review and approve the procedures established by employers of building occupants to account for building occupants after an evacuation, partial evacuation, in-building relocation, or sheltering in place.

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