Overview Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plan (FSP/EAP) FSP/EAP Team Roles and Responsibilities Building Fire/Life Safety Features Emergency Procedures Emergency Contact Information

Protecting your employees and the building is always forefront in the minds and the first priority of the management team at 85 Broad Street. We feel that by communicating with you about your role in building and personal security, we can eliminate or reduce the risk of life threatening situations.

This section provides valuable information to ensure maximum protection for your employees. It should be read carefully by the key managers and designated Tenant Safety Team members (Fire Warden and Deputy Fire Wardens) in your office. It is essential that these procedures are fully understood and followed should the need arise.

In the event of an emergency, the safe and rapid evacuation of the affected area is the joint responsibility of Building Management and the individual employee. It is imperative that each employee become familiar with the procedures described on the following sections. We've broken down the sections as follows:

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