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Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plan (FSP/EAP)
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The building has a Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plan that establishes actions to be taken by the building staff and the building occupants in the event of an emergency. The Fire Safety Director will ask that you make and distribute copies of the plan to your employees, and will ask that you appoint some employees to be Floor Wardens and Searchers. Frequent updates of this information will be requested to ensure that the Fire Safety Director knows who will be assisting him from your company in case of a fire emergency. These employees should become familiar with the Fire Safety Plan and able to direct a floor evacuation in the event of fire. The Fire Brigade and the Floor Warden's Organization report to the Fire Safety Director, who coordinates their activities based upon the situation and directions given by the New York City Fire Department. There are four general actions that will be taken in the event of an emergency: Full Building Evacuation; Partial Evacuation; In-Building Relocation; and Shelter-In-Place. These would be communicated by the FSD to you via the building's public address system:

  1. Full Building Evacuation – This is the complete emptying of a building as instructed by the governing authority in response to an emergency. General instructions are as follows:

    • Remain Calm
    • Immediately shut down all hazardous equipment
    • Move quickly and in an orderly manner to the stairway
    • Do not use the elevators unless instructed to do so
    • Take no more than car/office keys, purses and coats (only if nearby)
    • Shut all doors behind, but do not lock these doors unless directed to do so.
    • Impaired individuals should be assigned and assisted by designated individuals
    • Continue down the stairs and stay to the right
    • Exit the building and proceed to the designated outside assembly area
    • Wardens and Searchers are responsible for making sure that all occupants have left the floor by visually checking their designated areas.
    • Outside Assembly Areas:
      • Primary: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Plaza – at South Street
      • Alternate: Battery Park – On State Street

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