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Access During Business Hours


During building hours, your employees can access 85 Broad Street via the two entrances on Broad Street and Coenties Alley (Historic Stone Street). All employees must be prepared to present the building's ID card in order to gain access and for use on the turnstiles. Temporary employees and consultants working in the building for more than one month will also need an ID card. Please keep in mind, that our guards cannot grant access to your office suites. Management and security do have a list of emergency phone numbers for key personnel who will be contacted in the event of an emergency.


Visitors are preauthorized via our web-based system, Building Engines. Access to this system can be limited to a single individual in your company or distributed to all employees at your discretion. Again, keep in mind that guards cannot grant access to your suites. We can set up training for the visitor system upon request. For your reference, please click here for the Building Engines log-in.

Click here for instructions on using the Visitor Control System in Building Engines


All vendors are preauthorized via our web-based system as well and will be directed to the loading dock, where they will be issued a pass and access to the freight. A certificate of insurance must be on file before they can enter the building. Additional requirements may apply depending on the work to be done as per your lease requirements. No vendors may be issued ID cards without approval from property management and supplying appropriate certificates of insurance.



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