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Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plan (FSP/EAP)
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  1. Partial Building Evacuation – Emptying only part of the building may be called for in some instances. General instructions are as follows for floors affected:

    • Remain Calm.
    • Immediately shut down all hazardous equipment.
    • Move quickly and in an orderly manner to the designated exit stairwell (unless instructed towards an alternate stairway).
    • Take no more than car/office keys, purses and coats (only if nearby).
    • Shut all doors behind, but do not lock these doors unless directed to do so.
    • Impaired individuals should be assigned and assisted by designated individuals.
    • Continue down the stairs and stay to the right
    • Exit the building and proceed to the designated outside assembly area
    • Wardens and Searchers are responsible for making sure that all occupants have left the floor by visually checking their designated areas.
    • Remaining floors may receive other direction to shelter in place or relocate within building.
  1. In-Building Relocation – Some situations call for occupants to be moved from one location of the building to another, safer location. For instance, in the event of a natural disaster where it would be safer to be in the core of the building, away from the windows but not outside.

    • Discontinue conducting business immediately and listen for instructions from the FSP/EAPD and/or authorities.
    • Move to the designated In-Building-Relocation-Areas (IBRAs) or other area designated by the EAPD and/or authorities. The IBRAs are noted on the Information Signs posted by the fire warden stations on each floor.

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