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Building Fire/Life Safety Features
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Fire Alarm System

The Fire Alarm system at the property is controlled through a panel located in the Fire Command Center in the main lobby. An alarm is triggered by one of the following devices:

  • Smoke Detector / Heat Detector
  • Manual Pull Station
  • Water Flow / Sprinkler Head Activation

In the event smoke or extreme heat is detected, a signal is transmitted to the Fire Alarm Panel. The Fire Alarm Panel will activate the fire strobes and horns/speakers on the fire floor, two floors above, and the floor below the fire floor, and the main lobby, automatically sending a high pitched "beep" tone over the speakers. In addition, an automatic alarm is transmitted to the central alarm monitoring station, which will immediately dispatch the fire department. All mechanical air movement systems in the affected area automatically shut down. This alarm system will remain activated until the Fire Department or Fire Safety Director resets it.

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